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Our Work in Alberta

Cows and Fish works collaboratively with other organizations on many stewardship projects around Alberta. Keep scrolling to learn more about our projects and initiatives, or click the button below to view our media mentions

Cows and Fish in the media
An open space in the forest with a view of a narrow creek going into the mountains

Beaver Our Watershed Partner

Nature’s best builder is the beaver. If we want to understand them, recognize their role on the landscape, and figure out how to live with them, a good starting point is to educate ourselves on their ecology, life history and their connections to watersheds.

The Cows and Fish Follow-Up Project

Since 2018, we’ve been following-up with the landowners and producers we’ve worked with in the past to see if they might be interested in revisiting some of the stewardship projects they worked on with our team. Many of them said yes.

Alberta Native Trout Collaborative

Cows and Fish is a member of Alberta Native Trout Collaborative — a group of partner organizations working to advance native trout recovery in Alberta via habitat restoration, restoration stocking, land use planning, watershed and fish population assessments, and public education

Our Work in the Eastern Slopes

With the support of Alberta Environment and Parks and our other members and supporters, Cows and Fish has been working on the stewardship of riparian areas within the Eastern Slopes to increase sustainable landscape management by having more knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated land users and managers.

Ranching in Alberta’s Headwaters

Cows and Fish and the Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS) worked with ranchers in 2 headwater streams of the Bow and Oldman Rivers to re-assess eight riparian sites that had been previously looked at 15-20 years ago. The results were impressive.

From Street to Stream Initiative

The Street to Stream Initiative is a collaborative project by Cows & Fish and the ALIDP (Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership) aimed at helping tie the riparian and upland (non-riparian) area of our urban and developed landscape together.

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