From Street to Stream

A Collaborative Project

Roofs and roads change the character of water, and our waterways pay.  And you pay too – in the cost to treat water; in flooding and flood repair, in erosion, in pollution, in recreational opportunities, and in the health of the landscape overall.

We all have a role to play in mitigating these impacts in our homes, yards, neighbourhoods and communities. What works in Alberta? In a real estate transaction, what are these features worth? This collaborative initiative is helping tie the riparian and upland (non-riparian) area of our developed landscape together.

Cows & Fish and the ALIDP (Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership) have been working together on this initiative, developing new tools and providing outreach. As part of this work, we have worked to gather stories, technical expertise, research, and reach out to the public. There are multiple components to our work, including:

  • Outreach and public education opportunities
  • Digital stories on riparian and upland
  • Virtual video tour of low impact development techniques, showcasing real examples from Alberta
  • New workshop looking at how low impact development, upland and riparian areas are part of a whole system
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of participation
  • Hands-on practical demonstration of riparian and upland restoration techniques, designed to return ecological function and incorporate low impact development principles

From February to April 2015, six workshops were held, from as far south as Lethbridge through central Alberta and up to Edmonton. The workshops focused on building awareness with citizens, realtors, community leaders, decision makers, builders, and anyone with an interest in sustainability related to stormwater, greening, housing, and landscapes.

This initiative was funded by Alberta Real Estate Foundation, The Calgary Foundation, RBC’s Bluewater Fund, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, in addition to support from our Members and Supporters.

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Oil painting of an aerial view of a riparian area