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Cows and Fish members provide input, support, and guidance on achieving Cows and Fish’s mission. We also rely on financial and in-kind support from donors and funding sources as well to accomplish our goals.

There are 3 ways that you can support our programs:

  1. Donate
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Volunteer


If you are looking to support positive change in Alberta’s environment, donating to Cows and Fish is a great choice.

Numerous methods are available to make a gift to Cows and Fish. Please note that we accept both financial and in-kind (non-financial) support

  1. Via ATB Cares at
    This is our first choice because ATB will MATCH 15% of what you give. Search for “Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society” then select ‘Choose this Cause’. If you want to direct your funds to something specific we do or a particular project, be sure to fill in the comment field (eg. Wetland Awareness and Restoration or Youth Education). ATB will issue your tax receipt.
  2. Donate online directly to Cows and Fish
    You can now donate online directly from our website and we will issue you a tax receipt.

Looking for a tax receipt? We can provide one! Cows and Fish is a registered society and a charitable organisation (#858535941RR0001) and are able to provide a tax receipt for your donation.

Contact our Executive Director to discuss other options available or download our printable donation form.

By phone: (403) 381-5538
By e-mail:


Become a Cows and Fish Supporter!

Are you interested in contributing dollars towards engaging communities, landowners, youth and others in generating environmental awareness, ethics and action?

Cows and Fish relies on the support of agencies, conservation groups, various industries and individuals to continue our vital work on riparian awareness and management. Riparian areas make up a small portion of our landscape but are much more important than their size would indicate. Healthy riparian areas sustain us.

We invite you to work with Cows and Fish to conserve, restore and maintain these vital green zones. If you, your company or organisation would like to help Cows and Fish with a contribution, we have the following ongoing programs:


Cows and Fish has many different volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  If you are interested in volunteering with our team, please sign up to join our volunteer email list.


Recognition of Cows and Fish members, funding associates and donors is varied and negotiable.  Our Executive Director will work with you to ensure your recognition needs are met.

In general, recognition of support is provided throughout the year within the content of our displays, presentations, website and awareness documents.

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