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An open space in the forest with a view of a narrow creek going into the mountains

“Cattledogs, Cattledogs on the Mooove”

Cattledogs and cows aren’t the only things mooooving and shaking in riparian areas. In 2005, a new Cows and Fish youth education tool hit pastures, classrooms, and the hands of resource extension folks throughout Alberta. The 4-page factsheet includes basic awareness on riparian areas and their linkages with fish, wildlife, water, livestock and vegetation. Activities, such as puzzles, games and ‘fast facts’ on riparian areas are included.

Riparian areas are one of the most ecologically diverse and productive landscapes in the world. Healthy riparian areas are crucial for sustaining fish and wildlife populations, maintaining functioning watersheds and providing good water quality and supply. Cows and Fish works with audiences of all ages to increase their understanding of these valuable, yet vulnerable, pieces of the landscape.

One of the youth education components of Cows and Fish is the Cows, Fish, Cattledogs and Kids! game show and board game. Annually, the game is delivered to approximately 500 children in grades 2 to 6, throughout Alberta by Cows and Fish staff. The game is typically delivered to school classes, youth groups, and at agricultural trade shows or other youth environmental or agricultural themed events.

Cows, Fish, Cattledogs & Kids! game show and board game educates children (Grades 2 to 6) on the importance of healthy riparian areas, the green zones of water-loving vegetation next to streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. The game focuses on the links between healthy riparian areas and healthy and productive fish, wildlife, vegetation, water, cattle and the landscape or environment as a whole. Participants are divided into two teams and moooove their cow game pieces along the riparian zone after correctly answering a question posed by the game host (Alex or Alexis Troutbeck) in one of the following categories: vegetation, fish, wildlife, water, mother nature and cattle.

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