What is Cows & Fish?

Cows and Fish is a non-profit stewardship organization that empowers people who live, work, and play in Alberta’s riparian areas to take action to care for riparian areas

An open space in the forest with a view of a narrow creek going into the mountains

Our Vision

Healthy, functioning riparian areas for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

To promote healthy landscapes by fostering riparian stewardship.

Young boy wearing a cowboy hat looking at a river in a riparian area

Infographic explaining what Riparian areas do

Our Objectives:

  • to promote an understanding of riparian health and function
  • to communicate the benefits of good riparian management
  • to promote proactive voluntary solutions to riparian area conflicts
  • to demonstrate value of cooperative, interdisciplinary and community efforts in resolving resource conflicts and addressing management challenges
  • to improve the overall productivity and health of Alberta’s landscapes and communities

We’re available to help landowners, communities and local stewardship groups to:

  • Understand riparian area functions and values
  • Access technical advice and educational materials
  • Examine and monitor the health of their riparian areas
  • Evaluate and suggest management strategies


Researchers talking next to a river

How is the Cows and Fish program valuable to landowners and communities?

  • Work with landowners & communities on riparian health and management
  • Provide an opportunity to help landowners and communities present a proactive approach as good stewards of the land
  • Assist in building community-based and producer driven groups to address local riparian issues
  • Provide technical assistance on riparian management and health assessment
  • Provide better information so landowners and communities can make informed decisions


Man taking notes while standing in a riparian area

What if you don’t have any cows or fish?

No problem! Cows and Fish is more than just about cows and fish; we are about promoting the understanding and appreciation of riparian areas along rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands for landowners, resource managers, youth and the general public. This landscape is important to all of us, whether we are urban or rural, ranchers, farmers, lakefront residents, anglers, or downstream water drinkers.

Want more information?

Cows and Fish: Setting Our Direction 2017 to 2020

Our new strategic plan provides more information on our current direction and vision.

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