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An open space in the forest with a view of a narrow creek going into the mountains

Board of Directors & Members

The Cows and Fish members and supporters (referred to as partners previously) recognize the importance of riparian areas and the issues that require resolution: to restore and maintain the health of these vital riparian areas or “green zones”. The task is large and will only be accomplished with cooperation and partnership. None of us is as smart as all of us are; by working together we can bring together the energy, resources, knowledge and wisdom to improve, understand and manage riparian areas.

Supporting Cows and Fish

Cows and Fish relies on the support of agencies, conservation groups, various industries and individuals to continue our vital work on riparian awareness and management. Riparian areas make up a small portion of our landscape but are much more important than their size would indicate. Healthy riparian areas sustain us.

What People Are Saying

“If we can do stewardship on our farm and make a difference, there’s a lot of other farms out there that can do it too. This is something I believe average Albertans can do, and we’re average Albertans.”

– Watershed Group Member

“Your gift of teaching awareness about riparian areas and your commitment to our watershed group have had a huge impact on this farm.”

– Watershed Group Member

“Lot’s of people give us things to think about, Cows and Fish gives us things to think with.”

– Central Alberta Landowner

“I can’t say enough good about Cows and Fish, from the excellent training, the hands-on training, monitoring, good facilitation skills, the incredible knowledge you people have, and the way you are able to bring it down to the farmer level, and to the colleague level. An excellent grass-roots program.”

– Northern Alberta Municipal Staff Member

“As a farmer, I don’t know what I can do, but I know I can do something.”

– Northern Alberta Landowner

“This was the best science class I ever had!”

Grade 5 Student (after completion of the Cows, Fish, Cattledogs and Kids! gameshow)

“Thank you so much for the resources!! Our community with be a healthier place with your helpful education and awareness tools.”

∼ Southern Alberta Municipal Staff Member

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Oil painting of an aerial view of a riparian area