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What’s in the “Stew” of Stewardship? A Recipe for Success: A Community Stewardship Success Story from the Lac La Nonne Watershed.

Category: Stewardship

Read By: Kerri O’Shaughnessy, Riparian Specialist

“We protect what we love; we love what we understand; we understand what we are taught”. Those words begin to touch on the complexity of a term “stewardship” that grows in importance, timeliness and necessity, for the sustainability of our economy, our families and our communities. It is a complex relationship, like a robust stew that embodies protection, love, understanding and education. The story that follows begins to grasp those, and other ingredients.
Originally written by Cows and Fish for the Alberta Stewardship Network’s Awareness to Action – Showcasing Environmental Stewardship in Alberta publication and modified slightly for this podcast.(12 minutes)

Flood – The Other “F” Word

Category: Learning

Read By: Lorne Fitch, Provincial Riparian Specialist

Spring rain used to fill our prairie souls with joy; now the same rain, especially when it persists for days, fills us with a sense of angst. Is there a reason for concern this spring, or are we over these ‘floods of the century’? Why do we have these large floods and is there anything we can do about them? (9 minutes)

Natural Capital – Environmental Impacts on Real Estate Values and Marketing

Category: Learning

Read By: Kelsey Spicer-Rawe, Riparian Specialist

Ever wondered how natural capital, such as rivers, lakes and wetlands, fit together with property values? Like other forms of capital, natural capital requires careful understanding and management to pay dividends for property owners, buyers and sellers. Using Albertan examples, we’ll help you to understand the value of existing natural capital such as greenspaces, parks, wetlands and rivers. We’ll highlight the science behind understanding landscapes and how that science fits into real estate. (12 minutes)

A Cows and Fish Story

Category: Community

Read By: Lorne Fitch, Provincial Riparian Specialist

Two communities, a group of cottage owners on an aging lake, and a herd of ranchers on a small foothills stream, seem poles apart, geographically, socially and economically. Yet, there are some remarkable similarities. These communities represent a new demographic in Alberta. These people are starting to take charge of their landscape. They are rebuilding, not just the health of their landscapes, but also the sense of their communities. (16 minutes)

Who Me? Part of a Watershed? Don’t Flush Yet!

Category: Community

Read By: Lorne Fitch, Provincial Riparian Specialist

From the coffee we drink, to the water we brush our teeth with, our daily routines are linked to watersheds. Whether we live in town or out, the health of our watersheds impact our daily lives. (12 minutes)

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