Our Work in the Eastern Slopes

Protecting a Vital Landscape

With the support of Alberta Environment and Parks and our other members and supporters, Cows & Fish is focusing on the stewardship of riparian areas within the Eastern Slopes of Alberta to increase sustainable landscape management by having more knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated land users and managers.

An open space in the forest with a view of a narrow creek going into the mountains

About the Eastern Slopes

The Eastern Slopes extend from the high alpine slopes of the Rocky Mountains down to the Foothills and into the Prairies. Maintaining and improving riparian areas within the Eastern Slopes of Alberta’s Rockies is critical for drought and flood resiliency; providing habitat for many species, including several species at-risk in Alberta; and preserving the headwaters of many major rivers, which provide a source of drinking water for many Albertans. Cumulative impacts from multiple land uses, such as mining, logging, oil and gas, agriculture, and recreation, are putting pressure on this vital landscape.


Connecting Land and Water: Stories from the Eastern Slopes

Connecting Land and Water features inspiring stories from the landowners, user groups, and partner organizations that have undertaken riparian stewardship projects supported by Cows and Fish in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes. This short documentary series features three distinct projects from Beaverlodge River, Silvester Creek, and Timber Ridge Ranch. The film encourages audiences to connect their values with their actions on the land, and to encourage everyone to think about how their choices might be affecting water. Together, our actions make a difference.

The Eastern Slopes Storymap

Scroll through to learn more about some of the Eastern Slopes projects we have been involved with over the years, or click here to view the StoryMap in a new browser.

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Oil painting of an aerial view of a riparian area