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An open space in the forest with a view of a narrow creek going into the mountains

Beaver Our Watershed Partner

Nature’s best builder is the beaver. If we want to understand them, recognize their role on the landscape, and figure out how to live with them, a good starting point is to educate ourselves on their ecology, life history and their connections to watersheds.

Newsletter – 2022 Winter

Caring for The Green Zone Newsletter Volume 13 – 30th Anniversary Edition

Newsletter – 2021 Fall

Caring for The Green Zone Newsletter Volume 12

Ranching and Alberta’s Headwaters

Cows and Fish and the Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS) partnered with ranchers to look at two streams in the foothills of Alberta in the Bow River watershed.  The goal of this project was to assess trends in riparian health along two streams where ranching is the dominant land use and where ranchers are actively engaged in riparian management.  This factsheet summarizes the project goals and results.  Learn how ranching and watershed health can go hand in hand.

Newsletter – 2021 Summer

Caring for The Green Zone Newsletter Volume 11

Newsletter – 2021 Spring

Caring for The Green Zone Newsletter Volume 10

Newsletter – 2021 Winter

Caring for The Green Zone Newsletter Volume 9

Grazing, Cropping and Carbon

Agricultural landscapes can help store or sequester carbon through beneficial management practices.  This 4 page factsheet provides information on how soil carbon can benefit landowners and their land, management practices that can prevent soil loss and restore carbon stores and grazing practices to increase carbon storage opportunities.

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