Planting for Riparian Restoration – Protecting Shorelines Naturally

An open space in the forest with a view of a narrow creek going into the mountains

In Alberta, our lakes and lakeshores are becoming increasingly busy places. More and more of our lake shorelines are being impacted by recreational use, cottage developments and other land use activities.  Some of this extra use is putting a strain on the ecological value of these special places, creating problems for water quality and wildlife.  The Street to Stream initiative led by Cows and Fish and the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership aims to demonstrate simple restoration techniques that landowners can implement. This video showcases a recent project completed in collaboration with the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association and a local landowner along a lakeshore property. The video discusses some of the key steps for planning and executing a simple shoreline restoration project to help you get started with your own.

– By Cows and Fish

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Oil painting of an aerial view of a riparian area