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Upcoming Events

Putting Beavers to Work for Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Symposium. December 7, 2017. Cochrane, AB.  Join the Miistakis Institute and Cows and Fish to explore the role that beavers can play in watershed restoration in Alberta. To date, the collaborative has focused its efforts on generating awareness about the role of beavers as ecosystem engineers and promoting coexistence through the demonstration and implementation of various coexistence tools. Through this work we have identified the need to bring stakeholders together to reflect on and highlight some of the great work that has been on-going within the field of beaver coexistence in Alberta and surrounding regions. There are a variety of groups, ranging from municipalities to environmental non-government organizations to land owners and researchers, who are doing important work to advance the use of beavers to realize watershed health. These efforts will be highlighted and celebrated in an effort to pass on knowledge of lessons learned and new research to those working to see beavers and humans mutually benefit from coexistence.  Click here to register. 

Engaging and Communicating with Communities - Lessons Learned.  December 13, 2017.  Airdrie, AB.  Join Cows and Fish for this one day workshop to share some of our lessons learned about the art and science of communicating with landowners, delivering unpopular messages, knowing your audience and working in and with communities, Download the poster to learn more.  Click here to register


Ladies Livestock Lessons.  January 20, 2018.  Acme, AB.  Download the poster for more information.  Join us for another year of the annual LLL event.  Topics in 2018 include succession planning, sustainable beef production, indoor plant ID tips and tricks, a calving clinic and much more.  Register hereThanks to UFA for sponsoring this event in 2018. Follow LLL on Facebook (along with some other women's grazing schools!).  Contact Kelsey Spicer-Rawe for information at kspicer@cowsandfish.orgor (403) 948-8519. 

Past Events

Grazing School for WomenJune 13 &14, 2017.  Lakeland College, Vermilion, AB.  Come and celebrate 15 years of the riginal Grazing School for Women! Topics for 2017 include, plant identification, pasture health, emergency livestock planning, marketing and more.  Steak supper included!  Download the 2017 brochure and poster for more information.  Online registration:  Contact Kerri O'Shaughnessy at or (780) 427-7940 for more information.
Or take a look at some of our past brochures: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016.

Southern Alberta Grazing School for Women.  July 25 & 26, 2017.  Munson, AB (Starland County).  Topics for the 2017 grazing school include, range and riparian health, plant identification, pasture weeds, post calving care, and a tour of Primrose Farm.  Download the poster for more information or view the brochure

Click here to register online.  Follow the blog for additional updates: Contact Kristi Stebanuk for more information at: or (403) 382-0927.  Interested in past topics and speakers? VIew the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 brochure.


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