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Riparian Areas & Management

Caring For The Green Zone: Riparian Areas and Grazing Management
Third Edition.
How riparian systems work, the things that can disturb their healthy function and grazing strategies to keep them healthy. (40 pages)

Riparian Areas: A User's Guide to Health
What does health of a flood plain or shoreline look like? By tuning our eye to key things to look for, we can take the next step - ensuring we maintain or focus on where to begin to improve riparian area health. (46 pages)

A Field Guide to Common Riparian Plants of Alberta
This new coil-bound field guide includes information on identifying some common riparian plants as well as how they link to riparian health and how our management choices change riparian plant communities. (62 pages)



Beaver Our Watershed Partner
This booklet has been written for the people who can most effectively influence watersheds and riparian areas - landowners, municipalities, conservation groups and industry.  Beaver have been building and modifying watersheds for thousands of years.  This booklet will help you gain a better understanding of beaver biology and ecology, their role in watershed health and function, how beaver can help us adapt to a changing climate, beavers as a watershed restoration tool, and thoughts on beaver management. (43 pages, 11 MB)
Along the Water's Edge Video
Interviews with ranchers who provide messages about the importance of riparian areas to their operation. (17 min, 40 sec)

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