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Riparian Health Assessment

Riparian Health Assessment and Inventory  NEW! (en français)
Wondering how to measure the health of your riparian area? This 4-page fact sheet will give you some ideas on why you may want to look at the health of your riparian area, and how you can use the information to make management decisions. It also describes the differences between riparian health assessment and inventory, the benefits of both, and how Cows and Fish can help.

What does riparian health look like? What makes a site healthy or less than healthy? See Riparian Areas: A User's Guide to Health for a colourful, image based, 46-page booklet to help you tune your eye to what makes up riparian health.

To answer the question "Is this riparian area healthy?", consider doing a Riparian Health Assessment, and request one of our landowner's guides to riparian health, better known as Riparian Health Assessment Field Workbooks. These are pocket guides for landowners to easily determine the health of their riparian area and as an education and awareness aid for resource managers:

For streams and small rivers: Riparian Health Assessment for Streams and Small Rivers Field Workbook.

For lakes, ponds, wetlands and sloughs: Riparian Health Assessment for Lakes, Sloughs and Wetlands Field Workbook.

Invasive Weed and Disturbance-caused Undesirable Plants List
A complete list of all invasive weed and disturbance-caused undesirable plants used by Cows and Fish staff to complete riparian health assessments and inventories (designed for use in Alberta). This list is a tool that landowners, resource managers, and communities can use in understanding riparian health assessments and examining their own riparian areas. Note that the same list can be found at the back of the Riparian Health Assessment Field Workbook.

Invasive and Disturbance-caused Plants Fact Sheet
This fact sheet explains all you need to know about weeds, or invasive and disturbance-caused plants, in riparian areas. From different types of weeds to the impact of weeds in riparian areas and why weeds are included in riparian health assessments. For a complete list of all invasive and disturbance-caused plants see the fact sheet Invasive Weeds and Disturbance-caused Undesirable Plants List.

Riparian Health Training
Would you like to better understand the health of your riparian area? The Riparian Health Training fact sheet provides answers on the type of training provided by Cows and Fish and how to choose the right training for you.

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