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Why do you keep doing this? - By John Buckley

The rangelands that support the sometimes risky business of ranching aren't just where the work of agriculture happens, they're also home to ranching families. John's ties to his home run deep, he being the third generation to make a living off their land. A surprising twist in this story tells of the choices, values and risks faced by us all that eventually lead us "home".

A Quiet Dream - By Jan McGlone
She was told farming was foolish, not for a woman, wouldn't pay….but Jan kept her dream of her family owning a farm one day. Now a landowner, rancher and land steward, Jan shares how farming is more than a just a job.

Memories - By Peggy Juchli
Pigeon Lake, one of the most intensively used recreational lakes in Alberta, has been home to Peggy Juchli and her family for 5 generations. Like many Alberta lakes, Pigeon Lake is green much of the summer, or highly eutrophic in scientific terms. Peggy wonders if her children will see a 6th generation on the lake. Stewardship and community will play a large part in the future health of this popular lake.

The Ponderosa - By Gordon Park
Born during the Great Depression, Gordon and his family, have witnessed many changes in agriculture since the 1930's. Learning every step of the way, Gordon knows the value of stewardship and that change if done right, can be good.

My Alberta Home - By Tim Clarke
Landscapes are changing - a once hidden lake along the Klondike trail is now the cottagers dream in 'oil country'. This story explores the need for balance - development, livestock and recreation versus habitat, water quality and homes.

The Big Hill - By Jeff Bectell
Many people wonder why Jeff spends so much time at meetings in town. Stewardship meetings, landowner meetings, oil and gas meetings you name it. Jeff would rather stay home on the ranch that has been in his family for four generations now. Jeff tells the story of his relationship with the big hill where his great grandfather built a sheep shed once where he now takes his family to see the springs and wildflowers. There is a reason why Jeff goes to so many meetings.

Up the Creek (with a fence) - By Glenn Mainland
Balancing the needs of livestock with protecting fish habitat can be tricky. Rancher, Glenn Mainland, shares his solution to maintaining this balance, and how the gift of stewardship can be passed from neighbor to neighbor.

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