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A Passion for Grass - By Anne Stevick

Anne has a passion for grass. She also has a passion for ranching. Fate and a love of the land has helped direct her ranching life and unveil the secrets to sustainability and cattle production - it's in the grass.

What’s in a Name - By Amanda Bogen-Halawell
Once you understand something you never look at it the same way. It's no different with plants. A botanist's interest in a plant goes beyond knowing its name to understanding the significance of why a particular plant occurs where it does and what that says about the history of landscape in which it is found.

Learning - By Michael Uchikura
"Shut your mouth and open your eyes and ears". Growing up on a small farm in southern Alberta, this was often the first step that needed to be applied when learning about any new chore. My chores have changed from working in the sugar beet fields to interpreting landscapes but I have discovered that the basic principle still applies - closely observing and paying attention to what's around you leads to greater understanding. Mom was responsible for teaching me that one.

Loving Fish - By Lorne Fitch
Lorne loves fish. One day he took a walk unlike many others that started a journey of discovery. Before that walk he’d tried in vain to get people to love fish. This story is about changing our way of thinking from ‘fish-centric’ to thinking broadly about the watershed. This community-based watershed approach is the cornerstone to Cows and Fish.

Re-Living My Ten Year Old - By Toby Lawrence
Toby's story touches on the complexities associated with living near a little prairie water jewel, called Pine Lake in central Alberta. Humorous and sharp-witted, this story gets right to the point - the environment and cumulative impacts - will our landscapes stand the test of time?

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