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Cows & Fish'ers

Landscape Plumbing - By Kristi Stebanuk

Working for an organization like Cows and Fish can create difficulties with explaining what we do. But riparian areas, watersheds and riparian health can be understood if we simply start with some basic principles. In Kristi's story, the basics can be found in plumbing!

Centennial Swell - By Michael Gerrand
“105 years is what you get you get if you add up all the years the 13 staff have been plugging away at this ‘experiment’ called ‘Cows and Fish. That’s a centennial worth of experience. And the number one question we get asked? Right after we explain why it is we’re called Cows and Fish? “why do you do it?”

This story introduces and acknowledges the efforts of Cows and Fish staff, both past and present. This video, half story and half photo album, was premiered at our recent Gala and Appreciation (Celebrating 15+ Years).

Different Views - By Nicole Bach
Learning about working in a team environment we all take part in different aspects of our job, each being deservedly respected. This story portrays the personal differences in taking on a different role.

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