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Ordering Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee RUSH ORDERS can be met. If you need an order received by a particular date, be sure to indicate below in 'Other Requests' and please give us at least 1 month notice - remember to account for shipping time. If you need an order sooner, call (403) 381-5538 to make arrangements that will hopefully meet your needs.

Enter the quantity (Qty.) of each item you wish to receive and click the Send Order button at the bottom of the page to place your order. To partially cover the cost of production, please note that there are fees for videos and large orders of materials.


Caring for the Green Zone: Riparian Areas and Grazing Management.
($3.00 ea. for orders over 5 copies)
Please note that paper copies of only the most recent edition are available.
Riparian Areas: A User's Guide to Health
($3.00 ea. for orders over 5 copies)
A Field Guide to Common Riparian Plants of Alberta
($5.00 ea. for orders over 5 copies)
Beaver Our Watershed Partner
($3.00 ea. for orders over 5 copies)
Along the Water's Edge Video ($8.00 ea.)
(**Note this is currently only available in VHS video cassette)
Can Cows and Fish Co-exist?
Riparian Health Assessment for Streams and Small Rivers Field Workbook ($5.00 ea. for orders over 5 copies)
Riparian Health Assessment for Lakes, Sloughs and Wetlands Field Workbook ($5.00 ea. for orders over 5 copies)
Riparian Classification for the Grassland Natural Region ($60.00 ea.)
Riparian Classification for the Parkland Natural Region and Dry Mixedwood Subregion ($60.00 ea.)

Fact Sheets:
A Pond of Gold. Storing Water Naturally
NEW Beaver Fact Sheet - An Overview of Beaver Management for Agricultural Producers - Decision Matrix Tool
Biodiversity and Riparian Areas - Life in the Green Zone
Cows and Fish Process
Facing the Issues
Getting Past the Talk - Working with Communities
Invasive Weed and Disturbance-caused Herbaceous Species List - For Use in Riparian Health Assessment and Inventory in Alberta
Lakes and Wetlands
Crops, Creeks and Sloughs
Riparian Demonstration Sites - A Guide to Selection and Development
Riparian Profile and Reference Sites
Tools for Riparian Management
Water Quality and Riparian Areas
Community Stories - Upper Little Bow Basin Water Users Association
Community Stories - Lower Mosquito Creek Water Users Association
Community Stories - Municipal District of Ranchland
Community Stories - City of Camrose
Community Stories - Beaver Creek Watershed Group
Producer Stories - OH Ranch, Longview, Alberta
Producer Stories - Tongue Creek Ranch, Hartell, Alberta
Producer Stories - Glen & Kelly Hall, Stavely, Alberta
Riparian Health Training
Riparian Health Assessment and Inventory
Riparian Health Assessment and Inventory (en français)
Value of Wetlands
Looking at my Streambank (en français)
Looking at my Lakeshore (en français)
Growing Restoration - Natural Fixes to Fortify Streambanks
Growing Restoration - Natural Fixes to Fortify Streambanks (en français)
Protecting Shorelines & Streambanks - Naturally
Protecting Shorelines & Streambanks - Naturally (en français)
Invasive and Disturbance-caused Plants
Info for Adults - Cows, Fish, Cattledogs & Kids!
For Kids - Cows, Fish, Cattledogs & Kids! Activity Sheet

Cows and Fish is committed to evaluation and ongoing improvement.
In order for us to evaluate and improve our materials and extension messages, we need feedback.

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Other Requests (specify below)
Please note that we may not be able to meet requests of less than 1 month. See ordering instructions above.

For orders that include cost recovery charges, we will include an invoice for the appropriate amount when we send your order. Please submit your payment as indicated on the invoice. We cannot accept credit cards as payment.
Thank you.

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