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In General:
The goal of the Cows and Fish program has always been to provide awareness and education on the value of riparian areas and their management. We have created our tools with this goal in mind - to be used. We encourage you to use the Material (literature, tools, artwork, photographs, diagrams) you find on our site, for personal use, as well as extension or educational purposes, following the specific requirements below.

You may reproduce, distribute, or transmit any Materials found on this web site for personal use, extension or educational purposes notwithstanding the following conditions:

You may not reproduce, distribute, republish, or transmit any Materials found on this web site (or any other Materials produced by the Cows and Fish program ) for profit, or "pass-off" as your own material, nor incorporate any substantial written component nor any image (artwork, photographs, diagrams) in your own materials without prior written consent of the Cows and Fish program.

Any links to the CF Web Site shall indicate that the source is the CF Web Site, not the host of the link, and you shall not attempt to "pass-off" any of the CF Web Site content as your own.

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