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Workshops, Training & Presentations

We invite you to work with Cows and Fish to learn more about riparian areas, landscapes, management tools, communities and conservation.  The workshops, presentations and training opportunities listed below are applicable and available to urban, rural, recreational and agricultural communities as well as agencies, organizations and governments at various levels.  Please contact us for more detailed information.


    • Riparian 101: The Value and Function of Riparian Areas (Streams and Rivers)
    • Riparian 101: The Value and Function of Riparian Areas (Lakes and Wetlands)
    • Grazing 101: Principles and Practices of Grazing in Riparian Areas
    • Rangeland Management - Stocking Your Pasture
    • Biodiversity and Range Management
    • The Secret Life of Cows:  Livestock Behaviour and Management
    • Crops, Creeks & Sloughs:  Principles and Practices of Cropping with Riparian Areas
    • Living Softly on the Shoreline:  A Guide to Lakescaping in Alberta
    • Working with Communities: The Cows and Fish Process
    • Working with Communities:  Producer & Community Success Stories
    • Delivering Extension Programs—Results from Our Evaluations
    • Riparian Health Assessment: The Basics & Pieces of the Puzzle
    • Range Health Assessment:  The Basics & Pieces of the Puzzle
    • Provincial Riparian Health Assessment in Alberta
    • Riparian Health Assessment for Major Watersheds in Alberta
    • Life & Times of the Vermilion River / Battle River / Beaverhill Lake / Gull Lake Watershed
    • Fish 101 – The Magic and Mystery of Fish
    • Fish Survey results:  What do Albertan’s Know and Think about Fish and their Management in Alberta?
    • And many more…..


    • Talking to People - The art and science of making presentations effective, memorable and enjoyable.
    • Talking with People - The art and science of engaging and interacting with people, in rural situations.
    • Delivering Unpopular Messages - Understanding the context, preparing for delivery and delivery techniques for success.
    • Working in and with Communities - Understanding approaches, motivations, processes, impediments, timing, training and monitoring.  How our evaluation results direct our approach.
    • From Street to Stream - This collaborative workshop by Cows and Fish and the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership explores how water quality, stormwater runoff, natural water storage and resiliency can be improved in developed areas, looking at low impact development, riparian restoration and management using a whole systems management approach.  Geared for the public, realtors, planning and municipal staff, green builders and others interested in sustainability related to stormwater, greening, housing and landscapes.  Download From Street to Stream presentation and notes. 
    • Beavers in Our Landscape - Beaver ecology, benefits and challenges of beaver on the landscape and beaver management are all topics included in this part-day workshop.  For a more in-depth look at the options and costs associated with our Beavers in Our Landscape workshops, download the Living with Beaver - Cows and Fish Workshop Options 2017 document. 

Customize a workshop for you, your organization or community by combining presentations and field days listed.


Field Sessions:

    • Looking at my Lakeshore - Riparian Health Checklist
    • Looking at my Streambank - Riparian Health Checklist
    • Riparian Health Assessment for Streams and Small Rivers
    • Riparian Health Assessment for Lakes and Wetlands
    • Riparian Plant Identification
    • Range/Upland Plant Identification
    • Range/Upland Health Assessment



    • Cows, Fish, Cattledogs and Kids! Gameshow and Board Game (for elementary school age youth)
    • Your Legacy (riparian management scenarios for junior high and high school age youth)
    • Wetland-in-a-Box demonstration (wetlands as water filters)


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