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Supporting Cows and Fish

Making a Gift

Cows and Fish appreciates all gifts received to help generate, sustain and nourish environmental stewardship in Alberta.  Your support enables us to further enhance environmental learning, aid communities in moving from environmental awareness to action and helps to sustain landscapes, communities, and riparian areas.  If you are looking to support positive change in Alberta’s environment, donating to Cows and Fish is a great choice.  Looking for a tax receipt?  We can provide one! Cows and Fish is a registered society and a charitable organisation (#858535941RR0001) and are able to provide a tax receipt for your donation. 

Numerous methods are available to make a gift to Cows and Fish. Please note that we accept both financial and in-kind (non-financial) support.

  • Download, print and submit our Make a Gift to Cows and Fish form
    • Our mailing address is:  2nd Floor, YPM Place, 530 – 8th Street South, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 2J8
    • If you have any questions, our phone number is:  (403) 381-5538
  • Want to donate online or make a credit card donation?  You can donate online in 1 of 2 ways:

1) Via ATB Cares at This is our first choice because there is no admin fee and they MATCH  15% of what you give.  Search for "Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society" then select 'Choose this Cause'.  If you want to direct your funds to something specific we do or a particular project, be sure to fill in the comment field (eg. Wetland Awareness and Restoration or Youth Education).   They will issue your tax receipt. 


2) via CanadaHelps at  Be sure to indicate you wish to donate to "Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society".  CanadaHelps will gladly accept your credit card payment and will keep a small fee to help them maintain this secure payment service.  They will issue your tax receipt. 

  • Contact our Executive Director to discuss other options available. See some of our sponsorship opportunities below.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a Cows and Fish Supporter!  Join our Support Team!

Are you interested in contributing dollars towards engaging communities, landowners, youth and others in generating environmental awareness, ethics and action? 

Cows and Fish relies on the support of agencies, conservation groups, various industries and individuals to continue our vital work on riparian awareness and management.  Riparian areas make up a small portion of our landscape but are much more important than their size would indicate.  Healthy riparian areas sustain us. 

We invite you to work with Cows and Fish to conserve, restore and maintain these vital green zones.  If you, your company or organisation would like to help Cows and Fish with a contribution, please contact our Executive Director for details at (403) 381-5538 or  There are numerous ways to support Cows and Fish, in addition to our Youth Education Team, Emission Reduction Team and Technology Team.  Our Executive Director can work with you to find a way for you to join our team.   Plus we have volunteer opportunities - contact us to learn more.

Youth Education Team
Funding Goal:  $50,000 annually

“Two of the most important gifts we can give our children are the ability to use information to make wise decisions and a quality environment in which there are still choices left to be made”
-Pat Graham, former Director of the Montana Department of Game, Fish and Parks

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to help educate Alberta’s youth about fish, wildlife, water, agriculture and the environment? 

Cows and Fish believes that learning doesn’t all have to happen in a classroom.  Learning about riparian areas should involve getting your hands a little dirty and your feet a little wet.  Learning can involve playing games, cheering (or yelling on occasion) for a right answer and working as a team. 

Cows and Fish is seeking contributors interested in helping to create enthusiastic, motivated youth – ready to use information to make wise decisions to support a quality environment.  In essence, you’ll be giving Alberta’s youth the knowledge and tools needed to become tomorrow’s land stewards.  

Number of youth engaged annually:  2500
Cows and Fish youth education programs: 

Want to learn more?  Visit our Youth Education page. 

What Kids Are Saying….

“I appreciate your coming to our school.  We have never had such a marvelous display at our school before!  My class-mates and I all enjoyed ourselves.  I learned one new word that day – riparian.  My teacher hadn’t known it before either!” Melissa

“Thank you for coming to our school.  I really liked the “Cows and Fish” game.  The dog puppets were great cow chasers!  I learned that the riparian area is a good place to see wildlife.” Toby

“We enjoyed your game Cows, Fish, Cattledogs and Kids.  Yeah Cattledogs Moo, Moo, Moo!  We had fun learning about how to protect our riparian areas…” James

Emission Reduction Team
Funding Goal:  $50,000 annually or donation of specific items. 

Although we’re not focused on climate change, greenhouse gas reduction or energy efficiency, these issues are all important to Cows and Fish.  The Cows and Fish team strives to do their part – turning off computers on evenings and weekends, composting office waste, recycling and car-pooling when possible.  These actions can’t erase from our minds that our staff collectively drive between one and two hundred thousand kilometers each year! 

Anyone thinking fuel-efficient or Hybrid vehicles would be a great choice for us?  Yeah, we were thinking that too!  Each year, our staff travel from Fort Vermilion to Manyberries and from Grande Cache to Lloydminster meeting, talking with and motivating landowners, communities and watershed groups and doing check-ups on riparian areas throughout Alberta. 

Cows and Fish is seeking sponsors, donors and contributors for our Emission Reduction Team.  If you, your company or organization is interested in becoming part of our Emission Reduction Team, please contact our Executive Director at (403) 381-5538 or  Your contribution to Cows and Fish will also be an investment in a cleaner Alberta.

Technology Team
Funding Goal:  $15,000 annually or donation of specific items.

At Cows and Fish, we pride ourselves on making our technological items last, and on not buying a new doodad, thingamabob or doohickey because it’s available.  But to be honest, some of our old computers, printers, cameras and other gizmos are slowing us down!  Our Executive Director’s office chair is from the 1990s!  Our staff even still use slide projectors for some presentations (although sometimes by choice)!  Join our Technology Team to help Cows and Fish purchase or source in-kind donations of new (or new-to-us, and better than we’ve got) technologies and office equipment. 

Our staff numbers may be small, but keeping up with technology is expensive.  Your contribution will help us to deliver bold presentations in vivid colour, and capture digital imagery with impact.  You will enable us to work faster, more efficiently and allow us more time to spend influencing positive change on Alberta’s landscapes and riparian areas.  We know you want healthy fish and wildlife populations, clean water and a stable water supply – the right tools in our hands will help us reach those goals.  

For further information on joining our Technology Team, please contact our Executive Dirctor at (403) 381-5538 or


Recognition of Cows and Fish members, funding associates and donors is varied and negotiable.  Our Executive Director will work with you to ensure your recognition needs are met. 

In general, recognition of support is provided throughout the year within the content of our displays, presentations, website and awareness documents.

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