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Board of Directors & Members

The Cows and Fish members and supporters (referred to as partners previously) recognize the importance of riparian areas and the issues that require resolution: to restore and maintain the health of these vital riparian areas or "green zones". The task is large and will only be accomplished with cooperation and partnership. None of us is as smart as all of us are; by working together we can bring together the energy, resources, knowledge and wisdom to improve, understand and manage riparian areas.

Cows and Fish members provide input, support, and guidance on achieving Cows and Fish's mission. We also rely on financial and in-kind support from Donors and Funding Sources to accomplish our goals.

"A cooperative effort of agencies, organizations, producers and community groups."

The Cows and Fish Board of Directors and Members include local producer and community representatives as well as the following agencies and organizations: 



Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Alberta Environment and Parks

We want to acknowledge the strong linkage and partnering with Riparian and Wetland Research Program (University of Montana) and now with Ecological Solutions Group LLC on riparian health assessment, inventory and classification for Alberta.

Financial Supporters

Cows and Fish relies on the support of agencies, conservation groups, various industries and individuals to continue our vital work on riparian awareness and management. Riparian areas make up a small portion of our landscape but are much more important than their size would indicate. Healthy riparian areas sustain us. We invite you to work with Cows and Fish to conserve, restore and maintain these vital green zones. This page is dedicated to those who have chosen to support Cows and Fish, by providing financial resources to allow our work to continue. We acknowledge and thank those on this page for their generous donations and contributions. If you, your company or agency would like to help Cows and Fish with a contribution, please contact our Executive Director for details at 403-381-5538 or

Our long-term supporters, including the organizations that are sustaining members of Cows and Fish, are profiled in our Board of Directors and Members section (above) and Funding Associates section (below).

Donors and Other Funding Sources


Alberta Ecotrust raises dollars from partners, donors and others who care about the environment and leverage it back to the community. Dollars are reinvested in grants to non-profit and charitable groups for well researched, community-led projects that address three environmental priorities: the protection of water, wilderness and the atmosphere.  For more information visit:




Past Supporters, Donors & Funding Sources


Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada - Canadian Adaptation & Rural Development Fund (CARD)

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada - Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program

Ag & Food Council - Community Riparian Program

Government of Alberta - Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Program

Canada Alberta Beef Industry Development Fund (CABIDF)

Environment Canada - Habitat Stewardship Program

RBC Blue Water Project

Shell Canada

Wildlife Habitat Canada


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