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Is Cows and Fish a government program?
Cows and Fish is a non-governmental organization (NG0).  We’ve been a registered society since 2004. Our formal name is the “Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society”, but we have been affectionately coined “Cows and Fish” to represent two of our founding members – Alberta Beef Producers and Trout Unlimited Canada, as well as to emphasise we can have these 2 things (cows and fish) together, with appropriate management.

Doesn’t Cows and Fish operate only in southern Alberta?
Although the program originated in southern Alberta, in the last 10 years we’ve expanded our staff and influence into all areas of Alberta.  Cows and Fish has offices in Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton. 

Is Cows and Fish just about cattle grazing and fish?
Cows and Fish is about much more than just cattle grazing and fish.  Think of Cows and Fish in terms of partnerships, communities, stewardship, water quality and quantity, watersheds, biodiversity, and sustainability.  We work to foster awareness about riparian areas and watersheds, and how improvements in management can enhance landscape health and productivity, for the benefit of landowners, communities and others who use and value these green zones.

Will Cows and Fish provide money for management changes and improvements to riparian areas?
Unfortunately, Cows and Fish is not a funding or granting program.  Our staff can assist you in determining suitable management options and may be able to direct you to funding sources as well. 

Isn’t Cows and Fish just interested in streams?
Riparian areas can be found adjacent to all waterbody types including wetlands, lakes, rivers and streams.  Cows and Fish works on all types of riparian areas, including those surrounding wetlands and lakes.

Isn’t Cows and Fish just about streambank (exclusion) fencing?
Exclusion or corridor fencing is one option for riparian management.  It is not the only option.   Altering livestock distribution, controlling access to water, altering the timing of grazing and incorporating rest into the grazing system are all riparian management options.  Exclusion or corridor fencing may be a suitable option for some land managers, and for some high risk or chronic problem areas.

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